Sunday, 8 August 2010

Ready for take off!

...who would have guessed that I can enjoy Red Bull without vodka?! Well, to be honest, I still did not drink any Red Bull this weekend, or the really akward tasting Red Bull Cola, but fell in love with their brand and Air Race competition!

I am an speed junkey, an no...I dont mean the drug, but speed in terms of really fast!
Formula 1, it, I love it. So it is actually no wonder that I enjoyed very much the Red Bull Air Race spectactle at the Eurospeedway in Lausitz, Germany, this weekend.

I was an Air Race virgin and did not really know what to expect. Therefore I was extremely curious and excited. Boy was I pleasantly surprised!

Even though the weather was rather british and the qualifying had to be stopped after seven pilots and postponed to the day after, it was still a great day and I am an official Red Bull Air Race fan! I had the chance to see the whole track, see the planes, meet the pilots...too bad it was the last race for 2010 and I have to wait for next year to go again!

The circuit itself is not too big but nice. In case you go there, for any sort of race, make sure to get seats at the grand stand, its worth to pay some cent me.

The people were true fans. It seemed like we were the only ones not really knowing what the rules were or the "who is who" of the pilots. The Red Bull crew, respronsible for ticketing, information and co, were extremely nice and gave us extra tickets, so that we had access to (almost) all areas.

Here you can see the German pilot Matthias Dolderer with his first qualifying flight. He did very well...

Here some impressions of the race:

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