Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Two guys, one Deli and alot of work...

What happens if you put together two friends, one vision and a lot of work, enthusiasm and passion for good food and products? Probably one of the best fine food stores in Spain!

We are still in the middle of preparations, changes, planing, discussing and suprises...but with each day, we get closer and closer to open a new chapter in our lives.
It is alot of work and we need a lot of patients with the spanish authorities and workers...but it would not be Spain if "manana and siesta" would be just words and not an important part of their culture...

In January construction ist going to start and right now we are selecting the first products for the store. In March we will open and welcome you all!

I will keep you posted about the latest news, products and constructions. For now, here are some pictures of the store as it looks like before we started with the work, and trust me, you will not recognize it when we re done with it!

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