Saturday, 29 January 2011


A couple days ago I was in London to do some research for our store in Marbella. While walking around Brick Lane we came across a little stand with rings. They all looked very cool and of course I tried one on...maybe I should have waited and checked the size first, since once I put it on... I could not take it off anymore! Needless to say I was stuck with it and had to buy least it looked nice and was not too expensive.

It was the first time that I bought myself some "jewelry" since years, and it felt weird at the beginning wearing a ring to the fact that it was too small and cutting of the finger literally turned blue.

Nevertheless, with the help of some soap and water, my finger was finally released from the pain and pressure...

But now I am thinking of getting a new ring and somehow came across Next to rings, they have really cool necklaces, earings and cuff links.

   Check out their page for inspiration and lets get the BLING BLING started!

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