Sunday, 24 May 2009

To Lunch or not to Lunch - Where is the question?

"My favourite animal is steak!" (Fran Lebowitz)

Food is great, especially if its on my plate. Going out with friends for dinner is a ritual that is important to me. The more the better. But since it is easy to find great places for Dinner, why is it so hard to find something great for Lunch?

Every Monday till friday, sometime between noon and 1pm, I have the same problem: where to have lunch?

Now, it is not that my work is in some place far far away from civilisation, au contraire, it is right in the heart of Berlin Mitte. There are about 5 zillion places that offer food, or at least something that seems eatable. Nevertheless, the second I, or my stomach, decide to get up and go out to grab some lunch, I am confronted with a problem....

The issue with having too many really having too many choices! Do I feel like some Sushi or Dim Sum? How about a Turkish delicacy or some Pizza? Maybe Salad or a sandwich?

This week I ate everyday different salads offered by coffee shop around the corner. They taste good, my diet is happy, but I am already bored. I am not a why eat like one?!

Q: How to solve this crisis?
A: I will eat every day at a different place.

My goal is to eat at each place within 500m at least once!
I will rate them and of course let you know if there are some dirty secrets hidden in the kitchen...

May the foodolympics begin!

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