Monday, 25 May 2009

Silver is the new Gold!

Ah yes....we men are just like wine...the older the better. At least thats what I keep on telling myself. Who cares about the little wrinkles around your eyes...or forehead...or wherever. A little stomach is considered as a sign of healthy and good living instead of too much beer and burgers.

This, however, was working for 2.000 years...and then came the 90s. All of sudden we had "male sex symbols" to fight against. Big posters looking down on us from Time Square telling us "we are fat and lazy". All of sudden men were buying anti-aging cremes, running to plastic surgeons and started extreme sports with the age of 50 in order to impress the young ladies. It was not enough anymore to have a swiss bank account or at least humour, now we also needed a six-pack (no - not the beer) and love kids (not the Michael Jackson kind of love).

BUT - just as the 90s passed and everybody was trying to look like a never-aging twenty something, our beloved friends from the "Planet Marketing" came up with a new idea!

...the Silver Surfer....or even better: Best Ager!

I wonder how many friends he has on Facebook?

So after almost twenty years of telling us that we need to stay young in order to belong to the "best", the game twisted. Now if you turn 50 you belong to the new "in-crowd" of Best Agers...
Grandmas´ are the new it-girls, grandpas´the new/old sugga daddys. Being "experienced" and wise is sexy, grey hair is the new preoxide blonde and you get a reserved seat in any public transport.

Around 40% of Germans are 50 or older...and the number is rising. Despite of being confused if I now look more forward to get older or least I know that the older I get the more "attractive" I am for the economy.

But who cares? Give this thing a couple more years and then we ll have something new coming "Chimponomy", where smart chimps rule the market (or Bush already did) or how about "The Hilton - less is more?".

So whats all the fuzz Groucho Marx already said:

Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.

So as I said at the are like wine the older they get...ah who cares, lets open a bottle and get drunk!

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