Tuesday, 26 May 2009

An ode to Silvio...

Buongiorno Italia gli spaghetti al dente un partigiano come presidente, con l'autoradio sempre nella mano destra un canarino sopra la finestra.

ah...la dolce vita in bella Italia. With its vino, pasta and amore it is fascinating us all. Who has not dreamed at some point in his/her life to move there and enjoy a nice cappuccino on the spanish steps while whistling at the belle donne passing by.

I have been there and done all that...and maybe even more.
But still I have the feeling that I was missing out...as if I have not lived to the fullest.

And damn was I right!!

If you are in Rome do as the Romans, they say...WRONG!
If you are in Rome...do as Silvio Berlusconi!

He is a hero! Not only is he the Italian Prime Minister, for the second time, but furthermore he is the founder of Fininvest, main shareholder of Mediaset and owner of the AC Milan!

What more can a boy wish for...power,porn and football!
And if that was not enough, now he has an 18 year old Neapolitan cupcake.

Dear God, Buddha, Allah, Varuna or even Captain Crunch...when I die, I want to reincarnate as Silvio. Or even better make me Silvio now...just younger, smarter and more handsome..so I can enjoy longer!

To sum it up...here my favourite Silvio quote:

Only Napoleon did more than I have done. But I am definitely taller.

Viva Italia!

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