Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tolerance day 2009.

Political correctnes is completely overrated and so 90s. C´mon people, dont fool yourself, I know that you often think different than what you actually say....

"Oh, this poor homeless person, certainly it is the economy and those greedy bankers that took his home....wife...rolex...dignity....I wish I could help him, but unfortunately just right now I do not have one cent on me..."

let me translate:

"What the fuck smells like shit here...?! Damn, can someone get this fucking importunate beggar out of my postal code!? I bet all he does during the day is drink, piss, vomit and then sleep in it...maybe he even bat his wife! What the hell...stop starring at my rolex! I have 100€ in my wallet and another 10k on my account and still wont give you a cent!"

Would not life be much easier if we would be all simply honest to oneself and each other? Maybe even actually say what we really think? I dont know if it will make our life less complicated, but for sure more interesting!

Another example:

"Oh sweetie, what a lovely new african-american boyfriend you have! He looks so clever and behaves so nice. He has lovely table manners and treats you well. I am happy for you and welcome him in our family."


"You stupid piece of shit bringing us some nigga´boy in the house. He looks like he is about to rob our house! He is most likely already checking out whats of value! At least during dinner he did shut up so I did not have to listen to his ghetto slang....I bet he is gonna beat you...or even force you to prostitute yourself!! Either you leave him or your are not our daughter any longer!"

Now, having studied politics myself, I know that these two examples might sound a bit harsh, but c´mon, you probably know already at least one person who fits this criteria.

All Polish people steal...all Indian smell, all American are fat and dumb, all English are fat and dumb and have a stick up their arse, ...Brasilians are all sexy models, Arabs are all terrorists, Jews are all rich and have big noses and Japanese hard working perverts.

So, how about we have a global "tolerance day". One day, of course we dont have to go to work that day..., where we tell everyone what we actually think of her/him. Since it is "tolerance day" the other person has to tolerate your opinion and can tell you afterwards what she/he thinks of you as well.

Would not that be nice?

...oh well, and so what the day after you have around 200 people less in your facebook account, a broken nose and low self-esteem... - you had a day off of work!

To finish it a nice quote by Heinrich Heine:

"Be entirely tolerant or not at all"

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