Monday, 1 June 2009

The goal of being individual.

We all like to believe that we are unique.
That there is noone else in the world like us.
We have our own character, style and mind...that is what we think. We are all something special, a gift,...that is what we believe.

But still, when walking down the streets of the "it" places in town, or going out to the "hot spots" at night...dont the people somehow all look the same? Everybody is trying so hard to look individual, that in fact they all look alike.

Others are trying so hard to express their "lonely rider" character, that they actually do look not just individual - but also completely ridiculous.

My mom tells me I am something special...

Now, if you are asking yourself, who am I to judge the others...I am still Ivo, this is my blog and thats all that matters.

Back to the story...

I am a T-shirt fan. I like to wear them. They are comfortable and easy to handle. T-Shirts are also the most used piece of cloth in order to express the personality. Some have slogans on them, others a brand name, some are plein and others have all kinds of colours on them.

It is a classical way to tell all the others what kind of person you are, without saying a word or doing a thing. A T-Shirt can say it all.

So next time you are in town, take a look around you. You will see alot of "unique-looking-individuals-that-all-look-alike", you will see even more hip people wearing the same clothes from the famous swedish brand with two letters, and occasionally you will see something completely different, that is so unique that it is going to be marked as uncool and freaky, until it has so many followers that it becomes cool and "individual".

Enough for now, I am gonna put my "I -heart- Berlin" T-shirt on and am done for today.
Remember, individuality does not come from the clothes you wear, but the character you have.

As the famous philosopher..ahem, starlet Hilary Duff already said:

"Mom always tell me to celebrate everyone´s uniqueness. I like the way that sounds."

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