Monday, 1 February 2010

Hooray I found a hobby!

"So what´s your hobby?"

I can not even remember how often I was asked this question. At a job interview, by strangers, friends, family or some highly intelligent parrot...they all wanted to know!

But it did not matter how often I was asked, I was never able to find an answer. When checking on Wikipedia for the definition of hobby, I was told that "...a hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, often in one´s spare time...".

My spare time? What do I do when I have time off...? Usually I meet friends for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. So is my hobby eating? Not really, since we also drink alot. So it´s drinking! Lucky, or unfortunately, not. Are my friends my hobby? Too easy for an answer and too complicated not to be. If friends are your hobby, then I do not want to know what your definition of friendship is. Also I do not want to be considered a friend of yours, since I do not want to be a hobby myself!
Usually sports are considered a hobby. I have not done sports in a long time and going to the gym is not considered a hobby in my terms. Even though I go there frequently, it is not that I am a huge fan of it. So it is good and often relaxing but not my favourite thing to do in my spare time. So what else is there? I did beach volleyball or sailing for a while, but was not committed enought to really consider it a hobby. I am too poor to say shopping, not creative enough to say handicrafts or drawing, too intelligent to say TV and too honest to say reading.

But everyone has a hobby. This made me think: What is it that you do often, enjoy it and do not even realize that it might be considered a hobby? And there it was, it hit me like a ton of bricks - walking and taking pictures!

Even though I should have been excited about the fact that I finally found a hobby, I must admit that I was a bit dissapointed as well. C´mon...walking and taking pictures? Am I that boring? In fact I am, but then again...what for some might seem boring, for me seems fun.

I always have my camera with does not matter where I go. I always find something that catches my interest and I must take a picture. For what reason? I do not know, but it makes me happy and I guess that is all that matters. In combination with walking you can find the best motives. I am actually one of those people who enter buildings, backyards, tunnels and so on, if I only assume that there might be something of my interest.

Looking at most of my pictures I realized that there is even a pattern. Who would have guessed?! I am not too much into taking pictures of people, but rather buildings, signs, nature and anything else that does not seem staged. But here are some examples and judge for yourself if it is of any good or if I should quickly find some new hobby...

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