Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Restaurant: Cotto e Crudo in Berlin (Prenzlauerberg)

Fortunately my office is in the middle of hip and pregnant Prenzlauerberg. This gives me an enormous amount of choices for lunch. Nevertheless most of the restaurants are the same - the same bad quality. But I did not give up and today found a little pearl in the middle of culinary dryland.

It is located on lively Eberswalderstreet just in the middle of the U-Bahn Station and Jahnsportpark. If you are not used to alot of street noise and dont like passers-bye to stare at your meal...then you should sit at one of the approximately 35 seats inside. The terrace has space for around 12 people.

The kitchen, as the name indicates it already, is Italian. From various sorts of Pasta to meat and fish, it is a typical Italian kitchen. They do have a menu, but I would suggest to pick something from their big daily choices. Right after I sat down the friendly waiter Matteo, I assume he is the owner as well, brought me olive oil, balsamico and bread. I love dipping fresh and warm (!) bread into olive oil and balsamico...hmm...what a treat. What was also very nice it that Matteo asked me if I would like some ice cubes and lemon in my water. In most places I have to order that myself and they still forget it.

As main course I decided for some linguini with salmon, olives, tomatoes and capers. It did not only look very good, but tasted very fine as well. The only problem was that the Linguini cant be eaten without making a big mess. My pants looked like I dipped them into the olive oil and not the bread. I had the napkin on my pants, but the wind was too strong and blew it away constantly.

Since it was lunch and I had to go back to work I did not drink any wine. This is up to you to try it. For the Pasta and glas of mineral water I paid 9.40€ which was ok for the quality. I would have wished that they offer some sort of lunch menu or special, but apparently they do not. Maybe that is why it was not very crowded, since approx. 10€ for lunch can not be afforded every day.

While leaving Matteo told me that after tomorrow they are closing the restaurant for two weeks and going on holiday. So, you have to be a bit patient if you want to try Cotto e Crudo yourself. I can only reccomend it! Attention - They do not except credit cards!

Conclusion: The prices are for lunch a bit too much, but for dinner great! The quality of the food is excellent and the service very friendly. It is good for families, but also for a great evening with friends and lot of italian vino and dolce vita.

Restaurant "Cotto e Crudo"
Eberswalder Str. 33
10437 Berlin - Prenzlauerberg
Tel: 030 44037111

Here some more pictures:

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