Thursday, 22 July 2010

Restaurant: I Due Forni in Berlin (Prenzlauerberg)

Today I must say that I was very dissapointed about my choice for Lunch. Which really surprised me, since I actually had only good memories about the restaurant "I Due Forni" in Berlin Prenzlauerberg. I must admit that last week I went for the first time since ages and was not very amused, however gave the place today a second chance (due to the good memories) and now know that I wont go back for a third time.

But lets start at the begining. Last week I met two friends of mine for Lunch. I wanted to have a normal tuna salad and since on the menu you could only see the pizzas and drinks, I asked if it would be possible to have the salad instead. The young italian waitress, which looked more like a punk from Pankow (area in Berlin), simply said "yes" with a strong italian accent and left. Unfortunately I did not make any pictures last time, because you have to see it to believe it...I DID get my big salad, but in form of a modular concept. One big salad, one tomato, one cucumber, one carrot and a little bowl of tuna. next thing she brought was oil, balsamico, salt and pepper - said "buon appetito" and left. I seriously had to cut it all myself. Which at first seemed like a bad joke and somehow was a fun situation turned out to be completely normal at Due Forni. That is how they serve salad. Do it yourself vegetable style. The other two ordered Pizza which seemd much nicer.

Anyhow...I gave it a second chance today and went back with the same two friends. We had a different waitress who barely spoke any German (or English). She could not reccomend me anything and I cant really say that she was friendly at all. Rather spookey with her semi-absent look. With drinks it is easy, you can have either a small bottle of whatever or a big bottle of whatever. Nothing in between. This can lead to some confusion. The Pizzas came 10 minutes later and were also smaller than they used to be. The taste was nothing special, but I must also say that I ordered a normal prosciutto since the waitress was standing next to me and waited for my order after I just sat down. I told her that I need a minute, but she did not seem to care and was just starring at me. The other two Pizzas were nothing special either according to the guys.

BUT the best was just to about to happen! I just took my final bite and all of sudden a waiter came from behind grabbed the plates, the small paper table-clothes in front of us and the napkins crumbled all up and left (all within a second and in a manner as if the war was just about to start and we all have to find a bunker in order to be save). He did not wait for an answer or me to actually finish my meal, but as quickly as he turned up he ran off to the kitchen.

I was so flabergasted about this situation that I almost forgot to take some pictures for you. While doing that, another waiter (there must haven been 10 of them there - all Italian with a more I-do-not-feel-like-working-look-and-attitude) and told me that I am not allowed to publish these pictures anywhere...ooops.

To sum it up: I used to live in Italy and know what Italian arrogance is, this here was just rude. The service is the worst I have seen in years (and I have been to bad places) and the food is nothing special. The prices for the service and quality are too high (my self-made salad cost 8.50€!). The location itself is very cool and chill. You can sit nicely outside on a little hill and look down on Schönhauser Allee. Nevertheless this does not compensate for the negative aspects and will not be frequented by me again. This is too bad since it used to be a cool place.

I Due Forni
Schönhauser Allee 12
10119 Berlin - Prenzlauerberg
Tel: 030 4401-7333‎

Thanks to Paul and Benni for joining me and sorry at the same time...

Here some more impressions:

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