Friday, 23 July 2010

Restaurant: Trattoria Popolare in Berlin (Prenzlauerberg)

As mentioned before working in Prenzlauerberg means having a tremendous amount of restaurants to chose from for lunch. My colleagues like to go to an Italian restaurant called "Trattoria Popolare" on Schönhauser Allee just across from the U-Bahn station Eberswalderstr. You can already imagine that this corner is not the most quiet one, so I do not recommend sitting outside.

The trattoria has approx. 20 seats outside and another 70 inside. The decor is..., well how shoud I put it, they try very hard to give you the impression that they are high class but still very down to earth. It is a mix that does not really work. I have been there now a couple times and realized that there are never more than 10 guests at the same time and there is always only one waiter. Actually in total there are two, but only one at a time. There is one which is friendly, and of course there is one that reminds me of grouchy smurf. The Italian version of "good cop - bad cop" so to say.

Anyhow, they do, however, offer a great lunch deal. Any pizza or pasta for only 5€! They do have many different pastas or pizzas to choose from and some of them usually cost double the price and can still be eaten for only 5€ during lunch. This is great!

The pastas or pizzas also really do not taste bad and have a good size. It is not haute cuisine, but also not bad. It is good standard and the price makes it even better.
They also serve some bread.

I do not know how it is during the evening, but at lunch the atmosphere is rather sterile...since there is hardly anybody there. It is really a place for a quick decent bite during lunch and not to stay for longer or a romantic date.

Conclusion: Great lunch offer with a variety of pasta and pizza to choose from. The food is good but the interior, service and athmosphere need improvement. Should you be in the area and want to quickly grab a bite and dont want to spend much, then check it out, otherwise go to Cotto e Crudo around the corner.

Trattoria Popolare
Schönhauser Allee 143
10435 Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg

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