Thursday, 6 January 2011

How to butcher in style.

 As I´d like to say: My favorite animal is steak. But I must admit that when entering a normal supermarket or butcher...the way the filets, sirloins or rib-eyes are displayed is rather sad and disturbing, not to say disgusting in some places...

I don´t understand that you can spend so much money for a good peace of beef, but not care about the store, the surrounding and the feeling you get when shopping. At last, one store heard me whining and set a new standard for all butchers out there. Lets welcome Victor Churchill to our lives! It is more than just a store, Victor Churchill really is an experience. 

At first you would not realize at all that this is actually not a luxury store for some fashion brand or jewelry but a butcher.., even vegetarians have to stop and look closer...Shopping during day, and butcher classes at night! From basic beef, lamb or pork butchery to private cooking classes with the top-notch chefs of Australia.

Unfortunately you can only find Victor Churchill in Sydney, far. But I am sure that more stores around the globe will open in a similar style. Butcher 2.0!

you can find Victor Churchill here:
132 Queen Street, Woollahra, NSW 2025 Australia

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