Sunday, 4 August 2013

Can I KIK it...yes you can! #instadating day two

Everyday I learn something new...yesterday I learnd what "KIK" is...and no (for my Germans around here), not the cheap is actually an instant messaging app very popular amonst instagramers.

So, while I was exploring the various hashtags looking for potential "dates" I started thinking : how do I actually approach them? Do I comment on their pic "Hey you want to meet up for a coffee?" Maybe a good idea if the picture is the person actually drinking a coffee...but if its a puppy or some random image, then it might seem weird.

I stumbled across "KIK" via looking at different profiles and saw everywhere "you got KIK", "KIK me" etc...I had no idea what they were talking about, and even though I consider myself as an internet veteran, it did not ring a bell. All it did is leave me with ATCQ´s hit "Can I kick it" stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

Nevertheless I had to try it our of course. Logging in is extremely easy and then there it was...the first message. "Hi, my name is...., so whats all this about? You want to go on various dates?" - "Yeah, I see it as a new way of meeting interesting ppl. You want to meet up sometime, for a coffee or so?" - "No thank you.". Hm, I guess that did not go that well. But at least it was a first little step.

I spoke to a friend of mine who is a big fan of grindr, the probably most common gay hook up app, and told him about my experiment. He said, instagram is becoming more and more a hook up page..the only difference is that it is more "discreet". You start with some liking of pics, first comments, complementing, flirting and then via KIK or similar apps start "business". Its a more "moral" version of grindr.

Moral or not..either way, the first "date" did not work out. Apparently she was just curious and thats about it. Maybe she did not like the fact that I saw it as an experiment...I guess I should take a different, less IT more desperately romantic approach.

This morning I talked to another friend of mine about my little "cyber space adventure". We were talking what would be the best way to find someone close to you. It is basically scanning for hashtags that are either locations or areas nearby. So for example, there is this famous Beach Club around the corner from me..I could simply check out who hashtagged it within the last couple minutes...look at their pics, look for them at the actual place and start talking to them. I sounds creepy..but then again, its your own responsibility what you post on the internet..and if you post a sexy pic and tag your location..what do you expect?

But dont worry...thats not going to be my approach. I guess I ll do it the "classical" way as my other friend suggested...liking pics, complementing, flirting and so on. #instagentleman ....

Lets see how day two will end up and if I ll have more luck than yesterday...

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