Saturday, 3 August 2013

#instadating - The experiment.

I have not posted anything in over two years...this does not mean that nothing interesting has happend during that time, en contraire, but I somehow did not have the time to update the page, was too lazy or simply forgot about it. Nevertheless, time to revive this dusty site to former "glory".

So, recently I stumbled upon different articles on the net regarding dating. Since I ve been out of the "dating" game for some years, (no I have not been in a relationship - I simply dont "date") I was curious to read what I missed out or what is going on.

Apparently a new "thing" is dating via instagram. I use instagram quite frequently and even though it came to my mind before that it is almost like a creepy dating site, looking through the pics of strangers and their lives, I never gave it a second thought. A friend of mine has been doing it since a while already and is telling me that it is an easy, fun and different way of meeting like minded people. For dates...or more.

Hello, my name want to meet up?
I guess it is true. I mean, you look at a profile...see the life of someone through their own eyes and if it is something that you appreciate, enjoy, understand or would like to share. Of course, not every picture is "random" or "true" the end people often tend to post pictures that reflect a lifestyle they would like to have or would like others to think they have. Just look at Facebook. The difference between the pics one uploads him/herself or the ones being tagged in...

Love may be only one double tap away.., back to dating via instagram.

What is actually the difference between "chatting someone up" on instagram and in a bar? The difference is that via instagram we already see many of the interests the person have, different moods, friends, family, style and lifestyle. We can already filter. In the bar (or any "real life" scenario) we actually have to ask many questions to see if we dig the person or not before we can filter (not talking about the physical appearance). It is more work and in times where everybody is looking for the "next best thing" around the corner and is rather hesitant to committment, time is important. You dont want to go out and waste your entire time flirting with someone and in the end it is not worth the effort. Online, especially via instagram, you can filter before and actually do all that "work" with as many ppl as you wish at the same time. The chances that one wants to meet for a real date are higher and who knows what happens then...a double click on a picture seems easier than offering someone a drink in a bar...

So long story short...I decided to start this little experiment. Over the next four weeks I will push my "shyness" aside and work on my online flirting skills. I will try to get as many "instagram-dates" as possible and see what happens if two complete strangers that only know each other via different pics they post online, meet in real life. I will only contact people whose pics seem to resemble mine or whose are completely different..ah, what the hell...I ll contact everyone..and everyone can contact me. ;)

I will keep track of my various dates and write about them (no names mentioned etc...). You never know..maybe true love is just a "double tap" away (I know..extremely cheesy..).

In case you want to follow me in instagram, look for @evitoperez...and dont be shy...I know I wont be.

So lets get this thing started....

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