Saturday, 13 June 2009

Coming soon: more overrated crap in a town near you!

Everything nowadays is always hyped up to some high degree and people get psyched. And finally the day has arrived and we can purchase "it", see "it", taste "it" or touch "it", it is often a complete waste of time and money...

A classic are movie sequels....Terminator, Batman, Matrix, American Pie, I know what you did last summer...just to mention a few that could not stop but had to reproduce like rabbits on a cocktail of viagra and speed. Well, it is not that the first one was so great that we "needed" more, often the first one sucked ass already and nobody could understand where the sense was behind producing a second, or even third, fourth or fifth part!?

Next to movies there are plenty of bands which are clearly overrated!!!
Who needs all these boybands, girlbands, popstars, pop-idols, superstars, casting whores anyhow?
98% of them can not sing anyway - all they do is sing the same sounding songs over and over again, the guys dance like they have some mycosis, the girls dance like they are some cheap hookers, their managers tell them what to say and do, and in most cases, the guys are all gay and the girls get knocked up before turning 20.
And what about all these "The" bands...all they do is sing in high tunes, wear skinny jeans and obviously dont shower for weeks...

....which brings me to toiletries. Dont get me wrong, I am a big fan of showers and showering, especially since I got my new "Tropical Shower" installed in my bathroom...(Yeah baby, yeah!),but there are people that need ages in the bathroom. I am not sure what exactly they are doing...but what I have seen is that they have tons and tons of body care products. What does "Combination Skin" means and who cares? How can you have dry and oily skin at the same time? Why do you need 4 types of cremes and 15 perfumes? What are you, some sort of Zombie trying to cover up your true identity?

Next one up in my list of overrated things is: Status updates!
Ok ok, I do it myself, however I will go in rehab and hopefully will be cured of the instant urge telling everyone what I am actually doing right now. Why? Because who the fuck cares!! If I want to know where you are right now or what you are doing right now, what you had for dinner or how it felt digesting it, I will ask you directly! I do not need to know that you are sitting on your sofa, or just had to laugh out loud ("LOL" is another thing i hate!)...and I am pretty sure that nobody else cares about it either.

Oh man,....there are so many more things that are overrated...lets just sum them up:
StudiVZ, ChaiTea, American Apparel, Financial Crisis, Fashionshows, Apple, Ikea, Celebrities, Philosophy, Wii, Reality TV, MTV, Curling, Susan Boyle ...etc.

Feel free to let us know what you think is overrated...

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